Cook with Sandy

What did you have for dinner last night? What about the last 3 nights?

If you’ve been eating takeout or grocery store prepared food most meals, its time to learn to cook. Cooking for yourself can be easy and enjoyable. It’s definitely cheaper and healthier than take out. And you don’t need a million gadgets or a perfect kitchen.

I’ve worked 40-50 hour weeks and struggled to get a quick dinner that wasn’t pizza.  I’ve lived with kitchens that are tiny, old or missing appliances.  And I want to use this experience to help you cook. I’ve found some tricks and recipes that help me feed myself, for less money and more flavor.

Cook with Sandy is a personal cooking coach service based in Somerville, MA.  I’ll do the planning and shopping, you’ll do the cooking.  Everyone can cook, and I can show you how.

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